Monday, April 23, 2007

Wanna party with J-LO, only 2 million $$

Now you too can party with J-Lo, for only two million dollars.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well Sanjaya is gone. Guess he didn't have the backing I thought.

Here are some Mt. Lion pics from bout an hour north west of me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Idol and other crap.


I think he looks like a dork, sings bad, and has bad fashion sense. But, as long as he is in the show it pisses off all those morons that take the show as a religion. Now his sister, wow she is hot.
Howard Stern and are lobbying hard for Sandgina to win. At this point in time he has a good shot I believe. None of the other contestants have got that total package that make them American Idol. Out of this years 12 there was not one single hot chick in my opinion. I basically stopped watching after that fact. I just want Sandgina to win so we can see more of his sister.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Been a While

It's been almost 3 months since I've posted. I'm gonna get back into the habit here soon. Isn't it terrible what has happened today at Virginia Tech.

What drives people to have that much wrong in thier heads that they lash out at society we will never know.

As I sat watching the TV I just kept getting flashbacks when Columbine happened and I was in college. My roomates and I skipped classes and watched the scene unfold on live TV. Hopes and Prayers to everyone in Blacksburgh.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Living on minimum wage.

Wow, the minimum wage is up to $7.25 an hour. I guess thats good for someones second job, or a college student working after school for some extra cash. For someone to try and live on that is insane. I have a good friend who has a college education and really enjoys her job. She makes $7.50 an hour. I was talking to her last week and she was talking about bills and such and I asked her politely how much do you make? I was appalled. Instead of raising the minimum wage employers should take a look at positions that require education and pay them accordingly. Now if my friend were to move out of this rural area into a major city she could find a job making much better pay, but she enjoys the area and prefers to stay here. I have gotten lucky in finding a decent paying job here with my education, but still make less with a college education, which is required at my job, then the majority of people who do my job around the country. I know I could move and get better pay and such, but I love it here and I love my friends. I cann't leave, so I'll just blog about it and complain some.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Is Bush a Psycho, am I?

Go here to take the test and mark what you think Bush's scores would be. Then it'll tell you if you have given Bush a psycho status or not. 40 points are possible and anything over 30 is considered loony. I took it using myself instead of Bush and hit 14. So I guess im not mental. I was expecting to be a little higher, but then again some of the questions are not able to answer.

Anyway here is a list of the top 25 censored news stories of 2006. I read #18's article and found it very intriguing. Here is the link to the paper in PDF format. It is a very interesting read and raises some serious questions about 9-11.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

He's hanged.

Here is a link to the video. Also The Drudge Report has pics and more links about the execution.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Ok, Pravda, one of Russia's largest news organizations, has some pretty funny and unique takes on what is news. Like this story, about a boy who thinks he is a martian. And supposidly in 2009 and 2013 the earth will have very bad years, catastrophes will occur connected with water. HMmmmmm. I love reading stories like this. If everything in that article would be true then it makes you open your eyes to everything around you and makes you question all those stories that you have previously said bullshit too.

Anywho looks like Saddam is gonna swing.

Monday, December 18, 2006

What a long strange trip it's been.

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy in my personal life with goings on and such. Anyways, I figured I'd post about the big news now in politics about Hillary and Obama. Apparently the Democatic party will be represented by one of these two figures. Well, Hilary isn't going to win the Presidency. I will gaurentee that. The only people in New York that like her are in N.Y.C.. Now obama, he has that inexpierance going for him, and his skin color, which should not matter but there are enough racists in this country that it will matter. Now on the elephants side we have Rudi and McCain. I would love to see Obama win, actually just because he is younger and more in tune with things I think then a-lot of these other "Lifeer" (lifer?, I can't fuckin spell) politicans. Also because of this quote I read about him; Reporter- Have you ever smoked pot, and did you inhale? Obama-Yes I inhaled, that was the point.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Don't Teach those girls!

This story just makes me sad. So much anger and hate in this world. Osama and his merry men are in Afganastan but hey, lets throw all our forces at Iraq. Bush is such a dumbass.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Mike Tyson a Whore

Did anyone else hear about this. What could possible go wrong? A convicted rapist working as a male prostitute. Mike Tyson Male Gigalo. I wonder if he'll give love bites?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Guidlines for plutonic relationships.

I read this and laughed, and on many occasions said to myself, yep, why do they do that. I have had many female friends over my years and I can relate to lots of these. Even one girl that friends turned into more than that, and it ended up ruining the friendship.

1. No hugging for greetings or salutations. Hugging is only allowed for personal tragedies or blessed events when the emotional significance of the situation blocks out the knowledge that your boobies are pressing against me. We have hands; lets shake them.
2. No sleepovers. I think of all women who sleep in bed with me as potential sex partners. I spend all my free time trying to coax women in, so if you get in there, I can’t help but think you want some. If you or I need a place to crash sometime, then we should employ a couch. The breaking of this rule is punishable by instant sex.
3. No seat sharing. When girls sit on the arm of my chair or in my lap or next to me in a one-person seat, it makes me think that she wants some sexing. A possible exception is fitting an extra person in a car that is filled to capacity. I can’t let my passion hurt the quest to maximize a designated driver, but be warned; it might not be the seat belt poking you.
4. No flirting. So if you laugh at a joke of mine, it better be a funny joke.
5. No judgment making on any girl that I see. Good or bad, it’s the guy friends' job to belittle and pick apart girlfriends, if a woman does this, it means she wants the guy for herself. So you think she is trashy and dumb? Well, you could have dated me but you just wanted to be friends.
6. No judgment making on how I treat any girl I might date, be it for six months, or six hours. You have thrown your log onto the fire of chauvinism in my heart, so you are partially to blame if an innocent girl gets burned.
7. No sparing of my feelings. It’s emasculating. Don't worry, you already broke my heart, go ahead and heap more crap on me. I’ll turn all embarrassment and pain into bitterness and anger, and then occasionally let it all out in some meat headed act.
8. No setting me up on pity dates. If you truly know of a woman who would be very happy with me and I with her, then we will talk.
9. No being attracted to me. Impossible, I know, but you seem to have found a way, so stick with that. I’m going to be as attractive as possible in pursuit of other women, so if you are going to be seeing me in a bathing suit, you might want to make sure you are on the pill as the breaking of this rule is punishable by instant sex. In fact, don’t even tell me I look good as that will torment me for days.
10. No confiding in me about boys. I am not your girl friend; I am your reluctant man friend who officially hates all men that you date now or in the future. Asking for hypothetical guy advice is okay; just don’t slam me with details about particular guys you are sleeping with. If this rule seems contrary to rule 7, just remember that I’m a beautifully complex being.
11. No asking for man favors such as furniture moving, yard work, or car trouble help. I don't like to waste displays of extreme masculinity on women who have decided not to sleep with me. In a pinch you can bribe me to do man chores with beer. Please hand me the case as a gift versus doling them out one at a time from your fridge. That keeps it strictly business.
12. Try to avoid incidental contact. I can't outlaw this since there are times when the brush of a leg or a sleeve is purely accidental, but try to be careful. You can take steps to not put your arm in mine while walking or lay against me on a couch or other things like that. Those things would lead me to think you want me to sex you.
13. No asking for massages or neck rubs, that’s a lot of foreplay to waste on someone who doesn't want the main event. Besides, shouldn’t your boyfriend give you massages? Why aren’t we dating again?
14. No dating any guy who treats you bad or neglects you in any way, that’s just a slap in my face. I fucking adore you.
15. No judgments on any of my behavior. It would lead me to think you care a little too much about my well being. So I don't want to hear any, "Stop smoking", or "Don't drink so much," or "Don't use women." Of course if I am truly being an asshole in some situation, feel free to clue me in, that’s what friends do.
16. You have to let me know immediately if you want to be more than friends. I’m only doing this to respect your wishes. If you ever want more, rest assured that I do too. At any moment we can tear these guidelines up and spend 24 hours doing every imaginable sexy act.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tragic News!!!!!

Today everyone will be blogging about the Dems taking control of the house and possibly the Senate. ( still undecided at posting time) Not me though. I am going to tackle another headline breaking subject. No, its not Iraq. Not Korea. Not even Iran. It's Brit and K-Fed. Yes you heard (well read) it here. Brit and K-Fed are getting a divorce.

There is something inside me that cries out a glorious, Hell Yes! Because I like Britney Spears you say? No. I don't like or dislike her, she is indifferent to me. Now K-Fed on the other hand. Something about that boy makes me just want to punch him in the head repeaditly. THE most annoying person to get famous by marrying a rich person since, well is is the most. No one is more lame than you K-Fed. Hope you end up on VH1's Surreal life. Loser.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The apocalypse is nigh!!!!

According to this article if the democrats gain control of congress, then the end of the world is near. That amazing fact is from this website. I have to shake my head and laugh. People, the world is not going to end, unless an asteroid hits, or I start dating Carmen Electra. If I start dating Carmen I believe the world would stop in it's tracks. But seriously now, it's great if you believe in a higher power. I'm glad you have that. But as a college educated person, I can not believe how anyone can have that much faith in the Bible after becoming a learned person. I reccomend the FSM for anyone looking for the real being in the universe. May his noodly appendage touch you all.